The Bath School of Art Virtual degree show 2020 is online, the title of which (Untitled 2020) alludes to the sadness of not being able to physically show our work.

The majority of the images I used were taken by John Taylor, who teaches photography in Bath School of Art, of my MA assessment show in January 2020. I’m very grateful to him to be able to use these as I had little time on the morning of the assessment to take decent photographs myself and then I was on my way from Bath to Glasgow by late morning.

It’s a muted end to a time, 2.5 years in-fact, filled with nerves and excitement, a time of being pushed to think harder and work outside your comfort zone. Not the celebration anticipated of a private view of the physical MA show, with the members of faculty that you are so looking forward to sharing the completion of the journey with, and fellow students, family and friends. Neither is it a time to don the formal gowns and walk in a graduation.

Nevertheless I’m still surprised every time I remember that I actually finished the MA, and not only passed but passed with distinction. So grateful to Dr Conor Wilson and Claire Loder.

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