Timber pond historical research

The timber ponds feature in an episode of Britain at Low Tide: https://www.channel4.com/programmes/britain-at-low-tide/on-demand/66195-006 This is a study of intertidal archaeology of remains found in the River Clyde estuary and it's history leading up to the 19/20th century ship building in the Clyde. Remains of iron age Crannog, Schooners and mud punts are half buried in … Continue reading Timber pond historical research

Words for Holburne Project

We are submitting 5 sentences to describe our project for exhibition and media purposes to Fiona. I emailed mine this evening. Here are mine Janice’s travel flasks are a material response to William Holburne’s paper passport document, his travelling Yixing teapot and his experience of the Grand Tour. At first glance two unrelated objects, however, … Continue reading Words for Holburne Project

Muse: exhibition interaction II

I emailed the museum, Catrin was kind enough to answer a couple of quick questions regarding - should the flasks be interactive and would anyone be interested in interacting with them. Firstly, she thought that the interactive element we discussed was worth pursuing. Secondly, the university,  social media and what's on guide can help get … Continue reading Muse: exhibition interaction II