What are wild structures

These words are from the dictionary of the Scots language: http://www.dsl.ac.uk/entry/snd/hut. The terms of which are in common usage unlike the Gaelic which is more common in the highlands. Drystane dyke doocot: pidgeon hole usually near eaves in a building, structure to house doos cot: humble dwelling, cottage, workers housing belonging to employer fauld: an … Continue reading What are wild structures

Rethinking vernacular structures

I've started looking back at my research from last semester and rethinking what I want to work on this semester. I came across this which I found inspiring and has made me begin thinking about vernacular structures. Virginia McKinney (2012)Small habitats. Clay and steel (sculptures http://www.dailyartmuse.com/2012/01/) I'm revisiting everything today and have a tutorial for Ceramics … Continue reading Rethinking vernacular structures

Moon flask slab/press moulding

First quick attempt quite good Scarva flax paper clay porcelain, slab rolled, press mould, joined by hand. City Ceramic Studio, 16/2/18 Will work on refining the construction, on getting a very think slab, less handling when joining, refining the seam while expressing it to look like paper edge. Work on rolling the slab on folded … Continue reading Moon flask slab/press moulding

Muse: exhibition interaction II

I emailed the museum, Catrin was kind enough to answer a couple of quick questions regarding - should the flasks be interactive and would anyone be interested in interacting with them. Firstly, she thought that the interactive element we discussed was worth pursuing. Secondly, the university,  social media and what's on guide can help get … Continue reading Muse: exhibition interaction II

Muse: The collection inspires: Proposal

On Monday 10th February we had our presentation to the Holburne Museum on our proposals so far for the project. The PowerPoint presentation is here: Holburne 02-18 Summary from feedback I proposed to make the moon flasks, and had discussion about size, function and exhibition for Up late night. Things I need to work out … Continue reading Muse: The collection inspires: Proposal