Creative practice as research

Week 2 of Analysis of Contemporary Context module and notes from a Creative practice as research seminar. Afternoon free writing session After initial recoil of horror at having to be interactive while being online, this session was thought provoking, useful and I think I wrote some quite useful notes during the ‘automatic writing’. The dogs … Continue reading Creative practice as research

Peat cutting

The cutting and stacking of 'turf' or peat result in vernacular structures. The peat is cut in slices and laid out to dry before it is stacked for storing. Some online images of turf structures (   ( Duncan MacDonald out at his peat cuttings near Gisla, Uig, on the Isle of Lewis Peat stacked in … Continue reading Peat cutting

Rethinking vernacular structures

I've started looking back at my research from last semester and rethinking what I want to work on this semester. I came across this which I found inspiring and has made me begin thinking about vernacular structures. Virginia McKinney (2012)Small habitats. Clay and steel (sculptures I'm revisiting everything today and have a tutorial for Ceramics … Continue reading Rethinking vernacular structures