Point of reflection

This project has been moving through different phases; research, exploration,  conception, development, model and mould making, slip casting, firing, photography, discussion, reflection, slip casting of black parian, firing, photography, reflection, and lastly the discussion of how to communicate the work in the final showing in the 'show'. At this point I decided to try to … Continue reading Point of reflection

Timber pond historical research

The timber ponds feature in an episode of Britain at Low Tide: https://www.channel4.com/programmes/britain-at-low-tide/on-demand/66195-006 This is a study of intertidal archaeology of remains found in the River Clyde estuary and it's history leading up to the 19/20th century ship building in the Clyde. Remains of iron age Crannog, Schooners and mud punts are half buried in … Continue reading Timber pond historical research

Week 3 writing workshop with Conor

Featured image: Affleck, mapping exercise, black ink, overlaid text in Photoshop CC 2018. Location St Benedict's Abbey, Fort Augustus ( built 1880)/ now The Highland Club Instructions . mapping exercise . site . orienting self 3 walks of 12 minutes each in the interior and exterior environments appropriate text follow same or different path, stop … Continue reading Week 3 writing workshop with Conor