Elemental: embodying the powers of nature

The assemblage spent 3 days in the river, as I was photographing it it fell apart, back into it's separate parts. I decided to glaze the separate parts and assemble after the firing. The drystane dykes are expressions of the genius loci - built using traditional knowledge and materials and are shaped by the weather, … Continue reading Elemental: embodying the powers of nature

What are wild structures

These words are from the dictionary of the Scots language: http://www.dsl.ac.uk/entry/snd/hut. The terms of which are in common usage unlike the Gaelic which is more common in the highlands. Drystane dyke doocot: pidgeon hole usually near eaves in a building, structure to house doos cot: humble dwelling, cottage, workers housing belonging to employer fauld: an … Continue reading What are wild structures

Jane Cairns

Featured image: Rust – Jane Cairns – photo by Artist.  (http://www.craftscouncil.org.uk/directory/maker/jane-cairns/project/potlatch/) Accessed 30/12/17 Quotation: About this project An ongoing series of open vessels and covered jars that take as their starting point observed urban and industrial surfaces. The series name is taken from the native American practice of giving gifts with no expectation of receiving anything … Continue reading Jane Cairns