Panorama photographs

I've been working on graphics for the exhibition and have edited two photographs that I think communicate the vastness of the space, the flatness of the peat field with the parallel lines of the former peat cutting. The genius loci maybe? It was difficult to communicate with single photographs, these are panoramas.

More concrete poetry: moss flora fauna

This form is echoing the baulks and ditches of the peat banks, I transcribed a list of all the native flora and fauna I found in Lenzie Moss Management 2009-2014 Plan: and History of Lenzie Moss: Amazingly I didn't know that there are many rare species that survive here in the nutrient poor environment. … Continue reading More concrete poetry: moss flora fauna

Historical information 1 History of Lenzie Moss Lenzie Moss is made up of three quite separate nature domains: raised peat bog, birch woodland and unimproved grassland, covering in all some 40 hectares. It is located eight miles northeast of Glasgow, on the south-western edge of the Burgh of Kirkintilloch in the East Dunbartonshire District. The main … Continue reading Historical information