What are wild structures

These words are from the dictionary of the Scots language: http://www.dsl.ac.uk/entry/snd/hut. The terms of which are in common usage unlike the Gaelic which is more common in the highlands. Drystane dyke doocot: pidgeon hole usually near eaves in a building, structure to house doos cot: humble dwelling, cottage, workers housing belonging to employer fauld: an … Continue reading What are wild structures

Muse: exhibition interaction

I was interested in the Japanese temple books that pilgrims and travellers carry round with them and get them stamped in each temple - that Tim Parry-Williams mentioned. I've read a bit about them, they're called goshuincho. The name literally means ‘Honourable Red Stamp Book'. What was particularly interesting about them was that their origins were … Continue reading Muse: exhibition interaction

Site collection methods; further thoughts

I've been thinking about how all the theory, threads, methodology, materials can all fit together. I'm not sure how clear my thoughts are, but after a bout of insomnia I've developed a few ideas. I've been thinking of something Conor said about the vernacular descriptors for landscape in MacFarlane's book Landmarks, he asked rather than … Continue reading Site collection methods; further thoughts