Jane Cairns

Featured image: Rust – Jane Cairns – photo by Artist.  (http://www.craftscouncil.org.uk/directory/maker/jane-cairns/project/potlatch/) Accessed 30/12/17 Quotation: About this project An ongoing series of open vessels and covered jars that take as their starting point observed urban and industrial surfaces. The series name is taken from the native American practice of giving gifts with no expectation of receiving anything … Continue reading Jane Cairns

Alternative firing techniques

When researching contemporary Scottish ceramicists, I came across a couple of makers who utilise alternative firing methods that I have been considering - Raku predominantly in order to utilise local materials in the post firing reduction, leaves, peat, wood shavings and newspapers. Patricia Shone https://www.patriciashone.co.uk/about/ Erosion Jar 9, hand built, ht 25cm, raku fired, 2016. https://www.patriciashone.co.uk/gallery/raku/  … Continue reading Alternative firing techniques

Local clay bodies

Atelier NL (http://ateliernl.com/) Tile map of clay samples from Noordoostpolder region of the Netherlands http://ateliernl.com/projects/polderceramics, accessed 26/12/17 Atelier NL are based in the Netherlands and spent a year collecting soil samples from all the farmers in Noordoostpolder region. Using this clay, they have a range of ceramics that use local materials, use traditional ceramic functional … Continue reading Local clay bodies

Additions to clay bodies

Ceramic artists who add collected and found objects to clay bodies   Virginia Pates (http://virginiapates.blogspot.co.uk/) The Lower Parking Lot Porcelain, thrown and altered, with inclusions of dirt from the lower parking lot of the Annandale Campus of Northern Virginia Community College, fired to cone 6 oxidation, 2014. (http://virginiapates.blogspot.co.uk/) accessed 26/12/17 This is a pot with … Continue reading Additions to clay bodies

Takuro Kuwata

Featured image: Tea Bowl 2013 - Takuro Kuwata - photo by Kenji Takahash courtesy of Kosaku Kanechika (Phaidon, 2017) The principles of critical regionalism and tectonics that I've been exploring over the last few months are visible in ceramic practice, one example is Takuro Kuwata who uses traditional Japanese materials and skills in a contemporary way … Continue reading Takuro Kuwata