Point of reflection

This project has been moving through different phases; research, exploration,  conception, development, model and mould making, slip casting, firing, photography, discussion, reflection, slip casting of black parian, firing, photography, reflection, and lastly the discussion of how to communicate the work in the final showing in the 'show'. At this point I decided to try to … Continue reading Point of reflection

Creative practice as research

Week 2 of Analysis of Contemporary Context module and notes from a Creative practice as research seminar. Afternoon free writing session After initial recoil of horror at having to be interactive while being online, this session was thought provoking, useful and I think I wrote some quite useful notes during the ‘automatic writing’. The dogs … Continue reading Creative practice as research

Muse: exhibition interaction II

I emailed the museum, Catrin was kind enough to answer a couple of quick questions regarding - should the flasks be interactive and would anyone be interested in interacting with them. Firstly, she thought that the interactive element we discussed was worth pursuing. Secondly, the university,  social media and what's on guide can help get … Continue reading Muse: exhibition interaction II

Muse: The collection inspires: Proposal

On Monday 10th February we had our presentation to the Holburne Museum on our proposals so far for the project. The PowerPoint presentation is here: Holburne 02-18 Summary from feedback I proposed to make the moon flasks, and had discussion about size, function and exhibition for Up late night. Things I need to work out … Continue reading Muse: The collection inspires: Proposal