Local clay bodies

Atelier NL (http://ateliernl.com/) Tile map of clay samples from Noordoostpolder region of the Netherlands http://ateliernl.com/projects/polderceramics, accessed 26/12/17 Atelier NL are based in the Netherlands and spent a year collecting soil samples from all the farmers in Noordoostpolder region. Using this clay, they have a range of ceramics that use local materials, use traditional ceramic functional … Continue reading Local clay bodies

Takuro Kuwata

Featured image: Tea Bowl 2013 - Takuro Kuwata - photo by Kenji Takahash courtesy of Kosaku Kanechika (Phaidon, 2017) The principles of critical regionalism and tectonics that I've been exploring over the last few months are visible in ceramic practice, one example is Takuro Kuwata who uses traditional Japanese materials and skills in a contemporary way … Continue reading Takuro Kuwata

Site collection methods; further thoughts

I've been thinking about how all the theory, threads, methodology, materials can all fit together. I'm not sure how clear my thoughts are, but after a bout of insomnia I've developed a few ideas. I've been thinking of something Conor said about the vernacular descriptors for landscape in MacFarlane's book Landmarks, he asked rather than … Continue reading Site collection methods; further thoughts

Developing methodology and ideas

Featured image: layered mind maps, J Affleck,  Procreate IPad Pro, 7/11/2017 I’ve been revisiting and developing my keywords. I think the main objective at the moment for achieving in the studio is a critical regional method of making ceramics. Critical regionalism is a movement originating in architecture out of a frustration of the international style of … Continue reading Developing methodology and ideas