Peat cutting

The cutting and stacking of 'turf' or peat result in vernacular structures. The peat is cut in slices and laid out to dry before it is stacked for storing. Some online images of turf structures (   (┬áDuncan MacDonald out at his peat cuttings near Gisla, Uig, on the Isle of Lewis Peat stacked in … Continue reading Peat cutting

Lenzie Moss: Collecting samples

Photographs. Affleck. Lenzie Moss. 2018 various dates. Samples collected - mud, muddy water, leaves and ground cover, loose sticks, hare's tail cotton grass (eriophorum vaginatum) apparently known in Scotland as draw-ling or drawmoss ( Photos showing traces in the landscape of prior use for the cutting of peat Photos below show the peat has been … Continue reading Lenzie Moss: Collecting samples