Local clay bodies

Atelier NL (http://ateliernl.com/) Tile map of clay samples from Noordoostpolder region of the Netherlands http://ateliernl.com/projects/polderceramics, accessed 26/12/17 Atelier NL are based in the Netherlands and spent a year collecting soil samples from all the farmers in Noordoostpolder region. Using this clay, they have a range of ceramics that use local materials, use traditional ceramic functional … Continue reading Local clay bodies

Additions to clay bodies

Ceramic artists who add collected and found objects to clay bodies   Virginia Pates (http://virginiapates.blogspot.co.uk/) The Lower Parking Lot Porcelain, thrown and altered, with inclusions of dirt from the lower parking lot of the Annandale Campus of Northern Virginia Community College, fired to cone 6 oxidation, 2014. (http://virginiapates.blogspot.co.uk/) accessed 26/12/17 This is a pot with … Continue reading Additions to clay bodies

Site collection methods; further thoughts

I've been thinking about how all the theory, threads, methodology, materials can all fit together. I'm not sure how clear my thoughts are, but after a bout of insomnia I've developed a few ideas. I've been thinking of something Conor said about the vernacular descriptors for landscape in MacFarlane's book Landmarks, he asked rather than … Continue reading Site collection methods; further thoughts

Tutorial Research Methodologies

Geological map as featured image: Scotland, coloured according to the rock formations, National Library of Scotland, Accessed online 28/11/17: http://maps.nls.uk/view/74422193 A summary of my notes from the tutorial with Conor so I can remember the main points. The purpose of the essay is to map out how I will approach the MA To open up my area … Continue reading Tutorial Research Methodologies


Technical A little more information has come from the Holburne Museum regarding the teapot. I supplemented this from a search in the V & A’s online collection, where they have a similar teapot, this is the description: Yixing made 1800-1850 / Qing dynasty unglazed stoneware with incised decoration teapot of flattened globular form with curved … Continue reading INVESTIGATE CERAMIC OBJECT: – YIXING STONEWARE TRAVELING TEAPOT/FLASK