Relating to the previous post where I was thinking about studio names, I thought I’d start reflecting on the creative entrepreneur course as I go along as I need to write a reflective piece at the end and I find it helpful to reflect here as I go along.

Week 3 and I’ve to speak to potential customers with open questions. I had a tutorial where we discussed in part why I am finding this horrifying. We began the course by taking the Myers Briggs personality test which places you amongst other elements on a extrovert/introvert scale, which I scored highly in the introvert area, not great when you need to chat to people about your work. I am a turbulent mediator, aspects of creativeness and impostor syndrome.

I need to write 3 questions to start, open questions that will get customers to chat. In order to get a shop/gallery to work with me I need to demonstrate what I can provide what they want and need and understand their customers. what is their customer base, what are the price points, what are the busy times of year.

The course has given us worksheets that are tools to analyse a situation so we can take practical action such as plan questions that will inform us if we have a good fit with a client/customer.

So – what – why

In the tutorial we discussed that having a gallery or shop to sell my work is good as I don;t even enjoy sharing the work on social media never-mind selling face to face or from social media.

I’ve organised my first client, a gift shop, so I’ll need to write some questions and see if I can speak to anyone else. I have a shop in mind and I would like to look for a gallery.

Question 1 their customer

typical customer group, what they buy, how much they spend generally, what they look for

Question 2

What are you trying to achieve

Question 3

what challenges to you face when buying your products, what sorts of people do you buy from?

I’ll keep adding.

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