Its only a few days now till we set up the assessment exhibition, and hand in our evaluative statements. I’ve mocked up my space, which is a bit tricky as it’s cut in half with a partition wall. The work isn’t quite fitting but we are going to sort it out on install day. I wanted to separate the white framed ceramics, from the black ceramics.

mock up2mock up1

I drove to Bath in a monsoon from Glasgow to deliver the work, then spent a couple of days making a plinth, that holds water. The top is solvent welded acrylic, dropped into a painted MDF plinth. Very tricky to get the top in after the mdf swelled up a few millimeters when it absorbed the paint. I’ll need to add silicone to make sure it’s holding water.

I organised the two A1 prints while down, and spoke to John about printing and binding the A3 book/booklet.

The final visual poetry layout – after seeing the test print I decided to stay with black and white, and to have the land words on top, where they look like land and the sea words underneath what looks like a horizon, to represent sea. I lost clarity having a texture behind the words.


Now to finish the book and the evaluative statement. Before heading back down the for the install.

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