I’ve worked on a few drafts of this. I began as always transcribing the words into a word document, this time from my glossary of tabu terms from the Haaf fishermen, found first quoted by MacFarlane, then in my Shetland Glossary bought online from the Shetland Times bookstore. ‘Shetland Words’, A dictionary of the Shetland dialect, A & A Christie-Johnston. The Shetland dialect is  know as Norn.

The initial idea is to laser cut the glossary onto thick cream paper, or card. As I began taking the text into Illustrator to work with, and to format it, I realised the pattern and form I was making with the glossary, to echo the site, would be too small to get laser cut. I formatted the text larger but I think I will need to print onto paper or material. I am losing the texture and pattern of the undulating words if the actual letters need to be a minimum height of around 6mm for it to be able to be cut and legible. I’ve been in touch with the laser studio that CNC’d the timber for my models.

I’ve printed a test print onto paper to see, but I think I will be going with something like the final draft at the top. I’ll put another couple of drafts underneath.

The backgrounds are of water and land, the glossary terms are split into spoken – tabu terms and unspoken, land words.

concrete 161219-02-01-01.jpg

The files are very big so I wont add anymore, but the version began with using the black and white, the visible and the reflection, representing the spoken and unspoken words. I’m still deciding whether to go with the simple one below or the land and water one above. My test print didn’t make it home, so I need to wait till January to see it and decide.

concrete black on bottom-01.jpg

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