BSAD (Bath School of Art and Design) have asked all the MA students for some stock images and text for the Instagram account. I do struggle to post in my own account, especially at the moment when much of my work is written or organising for the exhibition.

Glasgow Ceramics Studio have also asked all their studio members for similar, so I organised myself by booking in with one of my fellow studio members who was offering her camera and photographic skills in the studio in an attempt to vary and boost the quality the work posted. Photo credits and thanks to @viv_lee_ for the image below.

Here’s a snap I took with my iPhone of two of the black parian vessels, and the featured image above is Viv snapping away in our makeshift studio.


In the summer I was interviewed in the studio by so I included a couple of Inga Paterson’s photographs too for the images sent to BSAD. I’ll report back any posts from BSAD but here are Inga’s photos below.

janice in progressjanice studio

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