The organisation of the work final presentation has progressed in the last month. I’ve had a couple of meetings with the blacksmith Alesdair working out how to make the water trough for the top of the plinth. He had problems welding the steel plate, as he applied heat it was warping, so I’ve abandoned that plan of a steel water trough.

An other option is to create a waterproof barrier on top of the wooden plinth top, perhaps with acrylic or a damp proof membrane, that would act as a water trough.  I’m in the middle of investigating this.

The three groups of paired white pieces have been framed, and the three prints of the close views through the work onsite have been framed in a similar manner, floated with a shadow gap.

The exhibition space has been agreed, we have a good amount of quality space, well-lit with natural light, good wall and floor space. This should allow me to exhibit in 3 ‘bays’, the first bay with the A1 print of the white ceramic pieces on site, beside this the framed white close up shots,  the middle bay – the plinth with the black pieces and the final bay the framed white pairs.

Outstanding is the Shetland words, the unspoken words of the sjusamillabakka and what form they will take and how to communicate this.

Recapping on this, the work is about the unspoken and unseen, the words are the unspoken and the ceramic pieces are the unseen, the spaces between. I need to write about this and come round to what form the unspoken words could take, the glossary of tabu terms. I’m still hitting a bit of a brick wall.

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