I took the first two fired pieces on site to see how the work will look when photographed in the timber ponds. I wanted to look at the work reflected in the water, how the work frames the view, how the texture of the parian works with the seaweed and sand. I went near sunset as that was the timing of low tide, but perhaps half way to low tide would have given me more water to work with.

fullsizeoutput_66d1fullsizeoutput_66d2fullsizeoutput_66c7JkiX2lnJTkSKTUeJoPBkmQ1vvSIXQLRtqWoLu3ZYqKOQvNZlQbgKRPiO14SZkqnUyQfullsizeoutput_66ceXzBndhK2RluYcvyLhY5rBgpynVPWEaQOmnxjbQ30ubUgfullsizeoutput_66cdFrnuWVFbQLSFQtvfFZHyDgfullsizeoutput_66d0fullsizeoutput_66cfRdkDGAH+TKKc0E9IfryX+AIVaVavWzSS2ksOUGF9tv7gH2%xvqohQVSyWW8MY1OZdAhv9iO3Z1Ts2Anp323LR45gVersion 2

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