The previous two months have been spent drying out the moulds, cleaning each of them out with stoneware slip, then making parian slip casts. I chose parian for a number of reasons: self glazing, smooth and luminous, single fired to 1240. I want the pieces to be quiet and neutral, framing the negative space.

Working with parian is challenging, working out how long to keep the slip in the mould (1/2 an hour – makes a 5mm wall, quite thick but this shape needs a strong wall) and optimum time to dry in the mould (3 hours – can stand up but doesn’t crack and can be cleaned). Its delicate, the corners and edges crumple and break off, it is taking the texture of the MDF model.

I put 4 pieces into a 1220 firing, I will decide if the finished surfaces of the pieces are smooth and straight enough, if not I will put them in a bisque firing first so I can sand down the faces.

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