1. Read at least one of the texts in Writing Workshop folder.

I read all of them, I’ll add notes tomorrow.

I refreshed my reading about OOO, I’ll add notes

I’ll add notes about no 3.

I read some articles in Cabinet magazine.

2. Find an article / review in a current magazine or journal and analyse its style (just notes on key points). – I had problems accessing online content from the library, I used the most recent ceramic review i had at home instead.

3. Read ‘Technophilic Craft’ in Week 4 folder

A resounding success. Brigette Manion (reviewing Serena Korda’s show) Ceramic Review, May/June 2018, 21-22

Analyse style – we have been asked to examine the register in which articles we are reading have been written, language use, jargon

The article begins by describing what visitors will see.

She gives background to the show, where the title comes from and what it work invites the viewer to see and think about.

The show is described in dramatic tones, using phrases such as ‘deathly elegance’. The work is described from the large scale to the smaller details of each piece, and talks about the relationship between sculpture and acoustics.

The piece then quotes Korda, it relates her work to others who also link to acoustics.

The piece concludes with a recap and link to other fields such as quantum physics, Plato, ancient cosmology.

The tone of the piece is light but full of references and links to other artists and concepts.



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