Featured image: Affleck, mapping exercise, black ink, overlaid text in Photoshop CC 2018. Location St Benedict’s Abbey, Fort Augustus ( built 1880)/ now The Highland Club

Instructions . mapping exercise . site . orienting self

3 walks of 12 minutes each in the interior and exterior environments

appropriate text

follow same or different path, stop or start

pay particular attention to a site that is interesting spatially

what objects/people use the space

might pay attention to one or more objects

hyper aware of environment, walks conducted in silence, think how it makes you feel

My words:-

Walk 1 Below the knee

Stairs, grey carpet, old wood, turning steep brown doorway outside stone carved tile sets ancient worn disabled parking tarmac moss draining stanks wind raindrops moss grass spongey bright green pine needles springy spongy rabbit poo moss footprint in moss cigarette but twigs ancient stone markings weathered tree cover soil sparse grass shelter huge pine trees roots pine debris bark needles pine cones ring pull snowdrops peeking clump of daffodils steep bank run down signage double white line on tarmac pine cones rolled mud footprint stank rough tarmac leaves carpark leaves stuck glistening puddles gravel path chain rusty metal parking bag moss in the shade

Walk 2 Knee to neck

Hand rail fire exist dark grey metal winding cream wall light grey handrail door handle old door cloister stone window ledge rusted worn monks seat stone mullion carved pillars glass in between rain on window ancient stone wall deeper than a body rhythm empty niche empty niche stone mullions wall monks seat mullion stop view across green square repeating mullions pattern walk wall seat mullions patination wall monk seat salt stain salt growing patterns rain on window wall monk seat mullions staining rust stone mullion seat stone wall seat mullion niche statue feet meditation concentration column wide square to circle shoulders carve light cream wall fire escape metal hand rain grill paint mark light switch low window view from stair

Walk 3 Eye level and above

Ceiling height staircase joining wall windows underneath stair beam supporting lights peeking red dot fire light cracked glass stone wall carved stone symmetry rain outside rain drops light falling down stair vault of ceiling vault of door dear guests please note that there will be a fire test today between 2 and 3pm seal of door space smoke alarm stained glass window crucifixion sun moon angels flanking symbols meaning lost pattern rich colour painted delay crown of thorns light defining space cloister divided by stone arches ceiling triangles space moving in perspective light defining the shape stags head mounted light from below shadows of antlers ceiling oozing joining surfaces cracks packed stone light and dark arch strength balance mathematics precision ancient light dark

Final walk

Summarise looking at the different spaces and words and how they connected, reflecting, mapping, sound light. Consider unseen/unused, kind of words collected.

Reflection – my final map features the cloister: the repeating patterns, floor tiles, geometry, light and dark, inside and outside, old stone, symbols forgotten, missing monks, meditation, perspective, stained glass, niche, window seat, carved stone.

Photo of space



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