I worked all weekend to get as many peat slices finished to dry in time for the kiln I’ve booked on Thursday, Jeff. 

I enjoyed presenting Kate’s work on Monday via Skype, and getting to know what she is doing and why. And vice versa, hearing about my work from another view point. Kate would continue the project by working on a series of tiles. This is something I’ve thought about, the repeating patterns of the peat field suggest playing with this, as I’ve been doing with the graphic poetry. I’m thinking of applying decals to a couple of the peat slices, to continue the repeating pattern onto the ceramics. 

I’ve been researching raku firing, ready for the raku firing I’ve booked on Sunday 9th December, I’m buying a heat proof apron and goggles but should be able to borrow most other equipment. If Sunday’s firing goes well I’ll be rakuing all the pieces at home over Christmas holiday. I’ve enjoyed sitting reading my Alternative Kilns & Firing Techniques book. Kate suggested a smoke firing but I want to keep as close to my test as possible, making the pieces black from peat smoke and white from the peat ash mixture with the glaze medium. As far as I can see smoke firings can introduce tones of brown. I’ll see how laborious 8 raku firings are. I’m more worried about all 31 pieces staying intact.

Thursday – I put 18 peat slices into Jeff, moved the top bung half way off Friday and I’ll open it on Monday after the Skype tutorial.

Photo Affleck, Glasgow Ceramic Studio, 28/11/18, Loading Jeff

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