The first 13 peat slicers came out of Jeff (the kiln) successfully for the bisque firing. I’ve made the photos black and white to help me look at the patterns of the stack and the light and shade. I’m hoping now to be able to work out how I want to stack and how much more I need to make in total. The final peat slices will be black and white from the raku firing and the peat ash mixed with glaze medium.

I’ll do some sketches of how to stack. I’m thinking the stacks aren’t very exciting, I’d like to experiment with stacking them vertically. I should have around 30 bisqued  by sunday. I’ve booked a raku firing for a week on Sunday.9th December.

Then I’ll have a few more weeks if I need to make any more and I’ll take the raku kiln home over the holiday and get all the pieces fired. Only around 4 will fit in the top loading raku kiln at a time, time consuming but my back and hands are sore so I don;t think digging a pit in December for a pit firing is advisable. 

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