I press moulded slabs of crank, this one took up 3/4 of a full 12.5kg bag of clay. I rolled the slabs onto some dried heather and bog cotton from the Moss and plan to keep the clay raw.

I worry that since cutting the plaster slab into 2 (as I couldn’t lift the whole one that I had cast in plaster to measurements of a cut peat slab) the rectangular proportion of the end view of the peat slice is too square. This would matter if i was making a stack.

Photos: Affleck, 2/11/18 Glasgow Ceramic Studio

The tiles are going into two firings, 1 tile into a glaze firing on Monday 1260 I think, the other 2 tiles into a raku firing today (Sunday). Both are being fired by studio members who are kindly putting the test tiles into a firing they are already putting on.


Photos: Affleck, 9/11/18 Glasgow Ceramic Studio

Top: Glaze medium and sprinkled peat ash, glaze medium mixed with peat ash Raku fired

Middle: Glaze medium mixed with peat ash, matt clear glaze sprinkled with peat ash, electric kiln 1060 firing.

Bottom: Clear raku glaze sprinkled peat ash, raku fired

The raku firings gave the crank clay a black, smoked appearance which is fantastic, both the glaze medium and the clear glaze mixed with peat ash gave interesting results. The electric glaze firing didn’t seem to activate the peat on the clear glaze but gave great brown colour when only mixed with the glaze medium.

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