The line of the peat railway fits with the location of the traces of old rails and nails I’ve found when walking in the birch woodland and over to the peat bogs.  Also the ruins of the peat storage shed.



Source wikipedia

Lenzie Peat Railway was a narrow-gauge railway which ran on Lenzie Moss, which is situated to the west of the town of Lenzie in Scotland.

Lenzie Peat Railway map circa 1960

The bogs of the moss were exploited for peat, and the site was served by a 2ft 0in railway which took the cut peat to a storage and dispatch area (peat packing shed on the map) adjacent to the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway (E&G). The works were owned by the Peat Development Co Ltd.[1][2]

Lenzie Peat Railway peat packing shed

The railway was worked by two Lister petrol locomotives, Works Nos. 26286 of 1944 and 29890[3] of 1946.[4] The Lenzie Peat Railway closed around 1966.[2] The Lister locomotive 29890[3] is now owned by the West Lancashire Light Railway.[5]

Lister locomotive 29890 in 2015

The cut peat was transported in wooden slatted wagons to the peat packing shed, and would be loaded onto trains at the sidings next to the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway just west of Lenzie station, and then onwards transported (see map). The brick foundations of the peat packing shed are still evident today.



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