It’s been a week of working with plaster.  It’s very process heavy, each stage has to be completed flawlessly (or almost) in order for everything to work in the end. The process of cutting peat is carried out in several stages also, and very labour intensive. Cutting, laying, stacking, drying, collecting usually with a tractor and trailer and making a peat stack was described as back breaking work.

I began by casting a huge chunk of plaster into what I thought was the size of a cut peat.  I shaped it while it was still as wet as possible, so it would look as if it had been sliced. I smoothed the plaster so it would come out of the mould easily and will finish shaping the clay slices with the tairsgeir.

At the end of the first day of making the model for the peat slice, I decided it was too wide, so I came back in the evening and sawed it in half. It took a few hours. I made one side 10% larger than the other, then I can make a mould from the smaller piece for a press mould and allow 10% shrinkage from the slip cast mould then I can stack them together, if I decide to stack the finished clay slices.

Some images from making the model, and making a 5 piece plaster mould. Photographs Affleck, 22-25th October 2018, Glasgow Ceramic Studio

I finished the final side 5 on Friday


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