My bags of peat arrived today, I photographed some in the studio and I’m considering casting some pieces, or suspending them in glass/resin. I have 4 sacks of peat I can use for a pit firing, saggar firing or raku, burning and trying to make a glaze type medium to brush onto bisqued clay (similar to wood ash glazes, I need to research).

I brought some out in the studio to look at the character of it in dried form.  The dried peat contains compressed mosses, grasses and heather, and each piece is quite small with torn edges. They are full of a elemental character that the smooth clay slices didn’t portray. Maybe the clay needs to be worked in a way to evoke the layered, faceted, almost prehistoric form of the peat. I need to recut the ‘slices’ using a tairsgeir type tool and in a larger proportion similar to a slice of peat, each slice is around 6kg, so much longer and squarer in section.

Images: Affleck, Glasgow Ceramic Studio, Wasps, 11/10/18



The top left image the peat is photographed beside the clay that was left out in the bog for a few days. These are the slices that were covered in leaves and were torn into smaller pieces as they dried and fell over.





Side note: I keep thinking about the grasses in the peat bog, which are turning autumnal colours and are the most plentiful vegetation at the moment. I’m wondering if I could boil them down with washing soda and make ‘paper’ with them.

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