I thought it might be a good idea to reflect on my weekly tutorials with Conor while they are fresh in my mind


Investigate the different possibilities that can come out of engagement with the site

  • site
  • process
  • material

Approach 1

Using an experimental, open approach but with an outcome in mind to bring to Walcot Chapel – a safety net – sculptural object that is large in scale or a series of objects.

Process. Notice and reflect on what is occurring.  Process of working. Tools?

Documenting process, materials, labour, tools, practice based approach, investigation through making

The object(s) would need to instantly communicate the essence of the site/sense of place. Important that site is embedded in the work.

  • this is where the cutting and stacking come in


Tease the parallels between clay and peat out

  • adobe, rammed earth construction

could something be built onsite.

Approach 2

Can clay be used in the process as a tool to map and understand the site. Printing onsite. Mapping exploring details of the site. Drawing. Drafting details of the site. Photography

Ask what is occurring onsite and off site

Setting boundaries

Could the site be the exhibition space, use local clay?

Historical – present day – vernacular language and structures – manifestation of geology peat stacks – tradition. Investigation of this through making and text based sources.

Clay is a metaphor /synonym for peat

Connections between things, clay and peat, tools, nature – Both are dug out of the ground,  fired – peat firing

Outcome could be a video/book

Poem – eg Steve

focus on simple things




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