Case study 2 proposal (submitted at the end of Ceramics 1)

Lenzie Moss is a nature reserve in East Dunbartonshire, comprised of low land raised bog which at one time was extensively exploited for peat production. It has vague evidence of peat cutting in the characteristics of the landscape and ruins of peat sheds and rails from their narrow-gauge railway that was used to transport the peat. It is currently a nature sanctuary for wading birds and other indigenous animals such as deer, rabbits etc. with views to the surrounding Campsie Fells.

The moss has history, vernacular structures and particular genius loci, due to the bog land – it has a damp, still atmosphere. I propose to carry out the same methods of site investigation, collection and documentation. I will examine the clay to see if it can be processed for use as the local soil type is heavy clay.

Out of this documentation I will create a specific personal project brief for an assemblage.

I propose to investigate Lithography using mark making on limestone and new methods of drawing. In the Holburne Project I began exploring print making and will continue to do so.

I propose to explore alternative firing methods using peat and working at a larger scale. A more complete proposal will emerge once the documentation and collection phase begins. I will start this over the summer.

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