The flasks are being sited in the museum on a long 3.25m wide window frame, with views of the architectural details to the side, eg the first floor window. This should tie in with the graphics of the building sketch on the flasks and the idea of the architecture as context. The reflections on the window show the back of the flasks, most of which have graphics for text. Also a line of ghost flasks, reflected on the glass.

2018-05-25 16.02.30.jpg


In order for clarity for the concept of the passport flask to come across, I made a exhibition board with the teapot and the passport, and some interpretation – about the objects’ facture and excerpts from their interviews. I designed it to work alongside the leaflet and the label text.

Label text:

Janice’s travel flaks respond to William Holburne’s 200 year old passport and a Yixing travel teapot. Travel flaks are symbolic of cultural and spiritual pilgrimage. The slip cast flaks take the flattened, globular form and production method of the teapot, while the opaque delicacy of the screen-printed clay evokes the materiality and patina of the passport.



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