Louise and I walked around the museum together to get an idea where the flasks could be placed for the Up Late in May.

The ideal choice is for them to be hung in front of the window in the Posnett Gallery as there is a double height window with a balcony above with the potential to take a structure to hang the flasks.

However, this window is a top choice for some of the others who are also being graded on their exhibition. There is also the practicalities of making a rod to hang the flasks from as I’m not on campus to do this.

We looked at a ledge in the stairwell outside the Posnett Gallery, it’s well lit, visible and all the flasks could fit along it. There’s a wall for interpretation to be placed next to it. There’s the possibility of making some mini plinths for the ledge, black – same as the powder-coated steel or clear perspex. The length of the ledge is 3250mm.

The third option would be to put the flask on a plinth and sit them outside in the same stair well, but opposite the stairs at the large window beside the lift. The plinths available are not very long, I plan to make another 10-20 flasks and I already have around 20. If I could get a decent plinth this would work well.


Window in the circulation space, the bench would be moved.

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