Today I filled the kiln with all the work that I will take to Bath next Monday and Tuesday, for the group Crit and the meeting at the Holburne Museum. This leaves a month to work when I return.

The work I’ve produced so far in the term is really a body of experimental work and following a process, rather than finished pieces. In making the work, and discussing it with Conor today in our Skype tutorial it has opened lots of doors to new techniques and fine tuning the things I’ve made.  For instance, today I remade two new original flasks (solid porcelain) using the moulds. The original moulds don’t work well having been made from an original object – half a flask ( This worked well as a technique to make the first mould, but in using the same half rather than a mirrored object, the necks don’t quite match up in the two part mould. At the time I decided to work with the mould, and reposition the necks when I assemble the flasks so I could get on making, but I should have remade the mould then.

Today I made two solid flasks to take to Bath where I’m having a mould workshop with Richard on Monday afternoon. I’m hoping when I meet with Tim the next morning to discuss digital laser etching and other digital techniques he might laser etch the new moulds with my text, stamps and sketch. If this is the case slip cast the flasks which will make them thinner, and I can try parian again to make them more opaque.  I’m hoping to make two moulds so I can maximise my time in the studio over the next month as slip casting can be time consuming and I have 3 short days in the studio and only two longer days.

I filled the kiln with:- the decals that need re-firing at a higher temperature so the ink melts into the glaze, the bisqued, direct screen printed flasks to be vitrified without glazing, a clear glazed screen printed flask to test and finally the pieces of the assemblage both glazed and unglazed. It’s a 10 hour firing at Cone 5 – 1187 degrees with a soak that should send the temperature to 1200.



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