I decided to print a screen full of text – screen 2 – that I can use to layer under the sketches of the Holburne Museum. I formatted the text and stamps, half of the screen the correct orientation, the other half I reversed the text as I’m not sure if the text will need reversed to be printed onto tissue paper. I can’t see how else it would work. The printers must be fed up with me sending prints for printing onto acetate. I also got my local frame maker to cut a piece of glass to A3 size as the last screen burned the joints of the two sheets I’d been making do with. I had high hopes that this screen would be perfect.

The text is very fine, but it worked on the first screen print in a smaller font.  However, I’d kept the fluid in the fridge which made it very thick and hard to spread


decal textstamp final

Illustrator file for the text printed to acetate for screen burning

The result was the photo emulsion layer was too thick and when I showered off the excess it took whole chunks out of the emulsion as it was very hard to wash off to reveal the white parts.


Disastrous screen being activated by my trusty flood light – screen 2

So I washed the screen clean with the cleaning fluid. Dried the screen, reapplied a think layer of photo emulsion and it’s currently back in the shower room waiting till morning where I’ll attempt to burn the screen again. I hope this time I applied enough fluid and sitting the tub on the radiator didn’t have an adverse effect on it.

thursday 22nd March

Update : this screen no 3 is worse than the previous one  – troubleshooting: I need new fluid so it’s not so thick, I might use the Perspex instead of the glass I think it heats up and burns more efficiently, I’ll bring the more flexible squeegee from the studio, I’ll begin washing the screen in the sink and finish in the shower as the water was too strong I think and finally I’ll make the text 14 point at the least. Although it came out ok in screen 1.

Ill have a go printing with screen 1 and reassess as all my ingredients have arrived  if I want more text I’ll have another go

Screen no 3

Glaze print medium ingredients


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