I put the kiln on for the first time myself today woo hoo. I put all 12 flasks in just to keep everything moving and thought I would glaze them and decal them.

Next week I’ll make another 12 that I will screen print text on to the plastic slab before assembly, let dry off, before pressing in the mould. Then screen onto tissue for the museum sketch to transfer once the slabs are assembled.

I’m doing a test decal on a cup I already made and glazed, and I’ve glazed a few of the large flasks to do a decal test on. The rest I’ve left bisqued.

Friday 16 March

The flasks came out of the bisque firing well. I dipped them in matt clear glaze twice as I don’t want to cover the surface detail of the folded paper by giving them 3 coats. I put them into the kiln but didn’t manage to get instruction on how to program a glaze firing to put it on. I’ll go on Sunday so i can add decals Monday, or Tuesday if there’s a group crit. I only have 4 working days next week before the holiday. I would like to have the flasks out of the decal firing by Thursday afternoon.

I will begin the screen printing when the rest of the required ingredients arrive, which may be after the holiday now.

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