The muse objects in the museum have stamped and inscribed decoration. As discussed in previous post, Conor and I discussed the practicalities of screen printing and laser cutting to make a stencil etc. Meanwhile I sent the files out to be printed as a high fire decal. The downfall to the decal is it has to be fired on top of a glaze and might not sink into the texture on the slab. I love the decal sheet though, it arrived this afternoon, I squeezed as many Holburne museum sketches as possible and love the result. I’m almost tempted to cover the whole flask in a repeating pattern


Photograph of the decal sheet – as seen by perspective shift, 6/3/18


Jpeg file of the decal sent for printing, doesn’t show the depth of colour.

The decal of the passport is too dark in the middle to use I think. I was temped to decal a porcelain slab with it for the exhibition


Photograph of decal, 6/3/18

The jpeg file is much lighter, I’m not sure why the decal is so dark

decal passport.jpg

12/3/18 updates regarding flask decoration

I’ve ordered a screen, photo emulsion and a halogen lamp to make a screen print. I’ve sent an A3 Illustrator file to the printers reversed as a negative to be printed onto acetate. I had problems tracing text from the passport so I used the Edwardian font and typed some text made a stamp for the Holburne Museum Up Late.

I’ll report back on progress.

I emailed the university regarding laser cutting acrylic and onto vinyl. I can get this done at the printers but waiting to hear back from Bath Spa.

I may order some linseed oil and agave gum to try photo lithography onto clay, using a photocopy.

Theres also a mono-printing method where the slip or stain is rollered onto glass, and we trace over a photocopy that is then  rubbed onto clay. Not as great for multiples that are detailed but one to try.


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