The paper clay flasks haven’t been shrinking enough, maybe only 10%, so to get the small flasks I’ve made half a flask to mould. It is around 12-15cm tall, so will fit in the palm or can be worn.

I’ve sent the drawing of the Holburne Museum and the passport off to be made into decals as I’ve not really the time for screen printing.

Photographs – making the half flask mould, 3/3/18

I cast two bottom halves. And then I went into the studio this morning to finish making the moulds, the top half so there is a registration for each of them. I’ve made two moulds so I can make the flasks faster.

Photographs – making the top half of both flask moulds, 5/3/18. The little flasks shown are just the solid clay model for the moulds but give an idea of the finished shape.

I discussed screen printing with Conor today. If I send Richard a vector file/ai  of the sketch I would have options to laser cut onto plaster or acrylic. If I laser cut acrylic I could stipple/sponge oxides or slip through the relief. We also talked about making a reverse image of the jpeg as a laser cut. Also making a sprig. All of which I’m keen to look at. I’ll email Richard in the morning.

Tuesday 6 March 2018

Continuation of small flasks

Photographs – Slab pressed into moulds, heat gunned to dry off, joined with slip, One joined and one covered to keep from drying to work on tomorrow- will try to add lugs. Surface with slab rolled on greaseproof paper for the texture of old paper. Best method is slabs left overnight in mould covered in cling film, as they dry enough to be handled and keep their shape but plastic enough to be joined. Otherwise need to be heat gunned

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