A quick note to put down what Keith and I talked about for feedback regarding proposing the series of boxes – wall.
I emailed:-
I’ve translated the vernacular structures, such as the dry stone wall, in essence to signifystrength, balance, shelter, boundary, layering, protection.
I want to create vessels that explore this – and here is where I don’t know if I’m over complicating things. I can work on a series of bowls that I can express some of these ideas in – or  I’m thinking of a series of boxes that connect together. 
A series of boxes either fixed to the wall that are looked at in elevation, or on a table/plinth, that are interpretation of a wall/structure/enclosure, that are different sizes and functions of units, are self supporting (wired together), gaps for wild life, stacked horizontally and vertically based on diagrams of drystane dyke construction, with vernacular language for the parts.
So we discussed that the keywords were  good abstraction of this idea of the wall, without being a wall.
Start working on the boxes construction, maybe carve out the boxes as well as slab build, work quickly.
Keith drew parallels to

Tejo Remy ‘You Can’t Lay Down Your Memory’ Chest of Drawers 1991

Tejo remley drawers


The balance could be achieved a bit more naturally than wiring together like in the drawers above. Can work on the keywords like balance.

This afternoon I was looking at assemblages, similar to this idea.

I’ll start in the studio tomrrow


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