Sketching through the structure of a drystane dyke, the large foundations, stones diminishing in size as they go up in elevation, chocs filling space, occasional large tie stones often at the corners, capstone layer at the top. Gaps left for wildlife.


Last sketch of the night, so should be last in the line of sketches, but kind of supersedes the other sketches as an amalgamation of ideas.

Grogged stoneware, stoneware body to contain samples.


Keeping to vessels – a series of boxes either fixed to the wall or a table/plinth, interpretation of a wall/structure/enclosure, different sizes and functions of units, self supporting, gaps for wild life, stacked. Need a proper diagram of drystane wall, with vernacular language for the parts. Then a more detailed sketch.

Weathering – sandblasting or leave out for a day/night raw greenware. Or soft bisque and put in a burn for a while. Maybe both, or all 3.

Moss – might grow some in some of the boxes

Some boxes have lids, some windows, some boundaries, some missing.



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