I emailed the museum, Catrin was kind enough to answer a couple of quick questions regarding – should the flasks be interactive and would anyone be interested in interacting with them.

Firstly, she thought that the interactive element we discussed was worth pursuing. Secondly, the university,  social media and what’s on guide can help get visitors interested in attending.

She thought that if the interaction was well enough structured visitors respond well to things they can handle and interact with.

So I think a series of small flasks that are dispersed.

The flasks could be placed around the grounds, located by map (or temple book/passport) or app, collected by visitors who bring them indoors to the main ‘hero flask’ to complete the exhibit, then taken home by their finders.

Location device – map /temple book/passport/  plus app

I’ve been looking into setting up a QR scavenger hunt. I think a geocache trail would be too public and tricky if I made it live too early, the flasks might disappear.

The hero flask could contain the initial QR code or this is done manually using a temple book/passport. Benefits to physical objects is inclusion. Each small flask could have a book/passport that visitors take, use to find the flask and keep to collect the flask at the end. There could be a trail, taking in the teapot, leading to the passport, leading to the flasks. Each stop has a stamp for the book and a clue? Leading back to the hero flask?

Or the flasks are collected together, and the moveable elements discussed are dispersed and collected – dog tags, circular stamped porcelain rings, things that give a bit of the history of William Holburne’s journey.  They can add the elements to a flask. Maybe they get a flask if their temple book/passport is stamped and they have some elements.

Or the elements fit together on the hero flask to complete the story and they take a small flask away if they find and add an element.

Elements examples made in ceramic:-

destination stamp – series of      Navy dog tag – one      Luggage tag – one    collected artisan business card

Or they get a key to unlock a flask if they find a moveable element in the trail and bring it back to the hero flask.

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