On Monday 10th February we had our presentation to the Holburne Museum on our proposals so far for the project. The PowerPoint presentation is here:

Holburne 02-18

Summary from feedback

I proposed to make the moon flasks, and had discussion about size, function and exhibition for Up late night.

Things I need to work out and were discussed as feedback:


Multiples – will I make many small flasks and hang them around ?

Document – would this be mapped?

Public interact with them – do I want the public to interact with the flasks

Stamped – document or clay – discussion on surface decoration of the flask, stamping decoration – screen printing the passport writing onto it

Japan – shrines have pilgrim stamp books, where you stamp each shrine you visit into your book

QR codes – if I have the public interacting with the flasks would I integrate qr codes

Tag moveable items- start together and disperse- would the flasks begin together or be placed around the museum and brought together

Bigger size and smaller size

Hero piece – and smaller – Japanese


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