When researching contemporary Scottish ceramicists, I came across a couple of makers who utilise alternative firing methods that I have been considering – Raku predominantly in order to utilise local materials in the post firing reduction, leaves, peat, wood shavings and newspapers.

Patricia Shone https://www.patriciashone.co.uk/about/


Erosion Jar 9, hand built, ht 25cm, raku fired, 2016. https://www.patriciashone.co.uk/gallery/raku/  accessed 26/12/17

Shone produces work inspired by the dramatic landscape of Skye, where she lives. She reflects this landscape in her making, techniques such as stretching and carving and uses both Raku and Wood Firing to further express the idea of forces of nature shaping the landscape.

The surfacing produced by the firing methods in her ceramics are more dominating than I plan, that can change if the site analysis suggests for instance a post firing reduction using peat.


Nancy Fuller  (http://www.nancyfuller.co.uk/index.php)



Fuller uses her self-built anagama to fire her work, which is a product of her training in Taiwan and Japan. She creates Japanese tsubo and kame forms, which she fires for four days. Her interest is in the surfaces created in the elemental, wood firing on top of the tradition forms she creates.  She was born and lives in Scotland.


http://www.nancyfuller.co.uk/nancy-fuller-anagama-fired-ceramics-gallery.php  Accessed 26/12/17

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