I’ve been thinking a lot about hot air balloons. My two chosen objects are made from paper and brown earthenware. The passport is full of character, stamps, inked hand writing, folds, texture, stains, patina. The travel flask is also full of character, unglazed earthenware with incised decoration, sturdy, and also taken on journeys.

The hot air balloons at this time often were seen at fairs and exhibitions, which is an interesting parallel to the previous function of the building that is the Holburne Museum, it used to be the Sydney Hotel and the grounds were pleasure gardens – like a fun fair which included a maze.

The image above reminds me of the flattened globular shape of the Yixing teapot and the moon flask. I like the clock on the front.

Hot air balloons, travel, grand tour, leisure, 1800’s, high society,

Some images below from the V & A online collection, accessed 25/10/17:-






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